The current incarnation of the EBC website offers “Sign in with Facebook”, but what does that mean, exactly, and what should you expect?

In a nutshell, it means that rather than making you have to remember yet another username and password, the EBC website can ask Facebook for an identifier that (a) is guaranteed to be unique to you, and (b) is guaranteed to be the same one every time we ask for it. When your membership is created on the EBC site, we also store the unique Facebook identifier. We can then use that, rather than an EBC-specific username and password, to authenticate you.

When you first sign in using Facebook, we ask for the absolute minimum amount of information from Facebook that we can; it includes your public profile information (your unique identifier, first name, last name, and current time zone), and the email address you use with Facebook. If you would rather use a different email address on the EBC website, you can update your account profile after you’ve signed in, and everything should continue to work just fine. We do not ask for the list of your friends, your timeline, or for permission to post to Facebook on your behalf.

What to expect

Here’s what signing in with Facebook looks like the first time you do it… First, find the “Sign in with Facebook!” link on the right, and click it:


After a moment, you should get a small popup window from Facebook that asks you to log in; this step might be skipped if you’ve used Facebook recently:


Once you’ve logged in, Facebook will want to make sure that you’re really okay with sharing some information with the EBC website. You’ll see another popup window, to which you should click Okay:


… and that’s it! After a few moments, you should be back at the EBC website, and the “Sign in with Facebook!” and username/password fields will be replaced by a small image (your Gravatar, if you have one), your name, and the option to log out.

The next time you visit the site, you probably won’t have to do anything at all… you’ll still be signed in. And, if you do have to sign in (using Facebook, of course), we’ll get your same unique identifier back from Facebook, and know which member you are!

Next steps…

Even after you’ve successfully signed in using Facebook, you still won’t be able to see the “Members Only” pages and documents for a while. There’s a separate one-time process to mark your new EBC website account as belonging to an actual EBC member. Once this has been done, the “Members Only” pages and documents will be accessible.